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Aug 31, 2010 9:30pm PDT
no longer be able to. we would need over 10 laguna honda's. we are not going to let arnold schwarzenegger have his way so that people can have the option of dignity. thank you all for joining us today. [applause] >> san francisco has a great elected city family. i want to acknowledge the president of the board of supervisors, president david chu, supervisor maxwell, subp-- superviser chiu, jose cisneros, the former mayor -- we are all proud to have you here. thank you. we have a special supervisor because he represents this district and has been looking out for laguna honda since he was elected. we are very grateful to him for that and for all he did to make today house -- to the possible. police help -- please help me recognize supervisor elsbernd. >> good afternoon, and welcome to beautiful and sunny san francisco. i would also like to single out and think my friend and colleague and recent father, supervisors mirkarimi, who is over there with his son, for all he has done. there are a few more things that i would like to offer. we are going to hear from one of the two dir
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am PDT
provide respect, dignity, and validation for all of the residents who will be here at laguna honda, but next importantly that we build something that will come from its conception, enhance the conservation of the water is an energy used in this building, and enhance the co2 emission reductions of this building. mayor, thank you for walking the walk as well as talking the talk. it is something to be proud of, leed-certified. to all the care givers and all the volunteers who make up the family of residents, to express our appreciation for your long hours and for your selfless service, and know that the battles that senator yee and assembly men andiano and i are putting in sacramento right now -- if we let governor have his -- if we let the governor have his way to eliminate government support services and to eliminate government general fund support for health services, people who are now able to be in this community would no longer be able to. we would need over 10 laguna honda's. we are not going to let arnold schwarzenegger have his way so that people can have the option of dignit
Sep 14, 2010 4:30am PDT
and has been looking out for laguna honda since he was elected. we are very grateful to him for that and for all he did to make today house -- to the possible. police help -- please help me recognize supervisor elsbernd. >> good afternoon, and welcome to beautiful and sunny san francisco. i would also like to single out and think my friend and colleague and recent father, supervisors mirkarimi, who is over there with his son, for all he has done. there are a few more things that i would like to offer. we are going to hear from one of the two directors of the laguna hospital foundation, and i would like to single out the volunteers who are also here. thank you to the volunteers. [applause] for more than 50 years of service to laguna hospital, thank you to the volunteers. we recognize the architect, but also recognize turner construction. they are the federal contractor who have been on site since the beginning. thank you for all you have done. the two city employees who served as project managers -- one i know is here, the current project manager, joe connors. thank you and john prede
Sep 5, 2010 7:30pm PDT
. these neighborhoods that surround this facility, i think, consider laguna honda at their private treasure. we really do look at this hospital as our own. we love this hospital. we have great care and great love for the residents of this hospital. on behalf of the neighboring residents, to all of the current residents of the hospital, this is for you. we are thrilled we were able to do this for you. thank you, everyone. [applause] >> the work of the health department would never be possible without its commission. the commission is the governing body. you have been around to this project long enough to see some fantastic commissioners who have also gone on and are no longer sitting on the commission, but who we know are always there to help us. i would like to in knowledge the help with the prop 8 campaign. also, john sat on the commission. once a commissioner, always a commissioner. we have long-term commissioners dr. david sanchez, dr is here. and now it is my great pleasure to introduce the president of our current commission, jim miller. >> what a great day for the public heal
Sep 6, 2010 8:30pm PDT
open wards and conditions of laguna honda, no 144 years old, now to serve 780 residents -- that we had to act fast because we had to build this building. willie brown, as mayor, a very experienced in political campaigns for going forward, because it is thinking $500 billion -- we have never approach the size of that general obligation bond before -- did the polling to show it was over 300 voters. with the help of lobbyists and other civic leaders we got this bond past. and it is great to celebrate with everyone today. [applause] i also remember that we brought all the stakeholders to the table, those representing the health-care workers, and our building trade friends. we needed to make sure everybody was on board. with the boat threshold as high as it is, a very small percentage could stop this important project. but we did bring everyone together and we did prevail. i want to not overlook something that really is critical, because unfortunately the polar ice caps are melting faster than al gore suggested a few years ago. climate change is upon us. it is happening fast. those of us wh
Sep 7, 2010 9:30pm PDT
assemblyman who is here who spent many years of visiting a friend of his who was a resident at laguna honda. before i bring up the next speaker, i will tell you this story are probably should not, but i am going to tell you anyway because it's so exemplifies the next speaker. i am going to ask that you imagine the scene. it is 1998. i am in the office with mayor willie brown, who i still could not find enough mr. mayors to say his name. louise comes in to discuss the future of laguna honda hospital. she had just won this huge settlement with the tobacco company. she was the first of any local city attorney to join in that lawsuit. at the time, a lot of people were arguing tobacco companies would overwhelm us. there will be all of these freedom of information act. you should not do it. she stood bravely and did it. she said to the mayor, and i will never forget -- she said "we have this opportunity. we can either use this money to rebuild laguna honda or we can pass it away -- piss it away." that was the exact quote. [applause] before i bring her up, i have to ask one more question. almost a
Sep 12, 2010 7:30pm PDT
rooms and all the offices and the ground here of the new laguna honda? i will tell you that i am confident that there are going to be new things. there are going to be new ways of dealing with patients, a more humane and sensitive caring way. and it will come out of laguna honda. all of us should be proud. all of us should be grateful that we have had a small piece of that particular history. because that history helps me bear a lot of responsibility, to be a husband, to be a father. this institution will always be part of my life. you have taught me how to be that better person. thank you very much and god bless all of you. [applause] >> we are so blessed in our elected leaders in san francisco. senator mark leno has helped us on a bill to make sure that people who need help in a community and want to stay in the community can do so. we are very proud of this new building. at the same time, we want to make sure that people who want to stay in their homes will be able to do so. and so the senator has carried a bill that will enable us, if someone has medicaid, to use those medica
Sep 7, 2010 9:00pm PDT
help us with laguna honda hospital. one of the big reasons we are here was the ingenious legislation that she appropriately and wisely introduced on behalf of not just this city but cities and counties large and small up and down the state, and allowed us to leverage federal dollars. it is appropriate now she is in the federal legislature. that is state senator and current congress woman jockey spears j jockeyackie -- jackie spiers. the contributions, large and small, the current members of the board of supervisors, previous president of the board, all of those that contributed so much down at city hall, we are glad you are here, ed lee at the department of public works did, the principal lead agency in the government, thank you for your stewardship of this project. you did a great job. to louise cansell, who put out a press release acknowledging over 100 meters at that now adorn this extraordinary building. there is not $1 wasted in the commitment of public art. it was 2% set aside. if any of you have been inside, you know exactly what i mean when you have the opportunity to walk ar
Sep 21, 2010 4:00am PDT
deal with is what shall we do about the laguna honda hospital. it has always been known for the incredible care, the loving nurses, the fantastic physicians, the energetic volunteers, the courage of our residents, for all of the things that made the care great. but we had a problem. and the problem was the building. we were in a building that had long outlived its usefulness as a place resents to live. it was no longer consistent with any medicare or medicaid rules. we were the only facility left in the country running open wards. we were told we would not be allowed any longer by both the federal and state authorities. it was a place where, while the care was wonderful, the building did not fit any modern earthquake standards. where privacy was insufficient to support human dignity. where people did not have a place to store their stuff. where people did not have a window to look out on. where we had to have wards that had closing doors because there was not that easy access to the outside. here we had a vibrant set of people -- residents, nurses, doctors, attendants -- but wha
Sep 12, 2010 1:00pm PDT
honda. you cannot have a hospital running without a license administrator in charge. i chose someone i have tremendous faith and, and also somebody that john had tremendous faith in. and i know that it was always intended. john had intended that succession. but it was not obviously going to be in the way it happened. it was going to be in a number of years. she would have had a chance to mentor into that role. people would have gotten used to her. when he felt we were taking care of he would have moved on. that was his way. instead, she was suddenly catapulted into this job in a much more difficult circumstance than anyone imagined, at a time when everybody was morning. the building was not yet finished. there were a number of challenges. but she rose to all of them. and what she has in common with john is that she wakes up and sees what is in the best interest of the residence. that is what we do this for. it is on that that every decision should be changed. she keeps that foremost in her mind. she has done a fantastic job. i am sure that in that laguna honda corner of heave
Sep 12, 2010 8:00pm PDT
done a fantastic job. i am sure that in that laguna honda corner of heaven, and john is looking down very proudly at her. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for spending your saturday afternoon at laguna honda. at the new laguna honda. san francisco has much to be proud of. laguna honda has been providing compassionate care for san francisco hit safety net for over 150 years. we will continue this tradition for the next 150 years to come. second, the new laguna honda, as the most modern rehab and skilled nursing facility in the first certified leed hospital in california, we will deliver on being a model for other facilities around the country and the world in long-term care and rehabilitation care. and most importantly, laguna honda is a community for healing and wellness. you will see this for yourselves as you speak to our staff. thank you, mayor knew some, -- may newsom, mayor brown, jackie speare, the former president of the health commission when prop. 8 past, the health commission, turner construction, derek miller, the arts commission, the staff of laguna honda
Sep 26, 2010 10:00pm PDT
to laguna honda. and in our day we were great participants in all of the city life. difficult circumstances, sometimes crushingly difficult, have brought many of us here at last to laguna honda. not at last for some of us. despite all differences, we need the healing that laguna honda is famous for. some people who come will be rehabilitated and will leave sunday. others will need 24-hour care for the rest of their lives, and so they will look forward to spending time in the spending -- in this building for years to come. it is exciting to have a new building. it is even more exciting to receive a new model of care, care that is resident centered, care that honors each person as an individual instead of a body in a bed. care that involves talking to us, and more important, listening to us, hearing our voices. so many have worked so hard, has you have been told -- as you have been told, to bring the state to pass. and now we have a dazzling new setting to present to you. when you leave today, you will be going home. but laguna honda residents will not be leaving. this is our ho
Sep 14, 2010 7:00pm PDT
image of the city and generate revenue. >> thank you very much to honda. >> this newly renovated warehouse became home to honda's new distribution center. it opened a grand opening celebration this afternoon. 10,000 new honda vehicles are at the port waiting to be shipped to dealers. richmond is one of three ports of entry on the west coach. >> it means we have at least $100 million of revenue in the next 15 years. >> in the 1970s, honda operated out of this port but? 1990shifted operations to san diego and now they said they will save money by returning. >> in the past we would truck them up to here, so by opening up this port and bringing the cars here, we eliminate 1.5 million truck miles. >> honda says they have already provided 200 new jobs. >> pretty big deal for me. >> how come? >> it helps pay my mortgage. >> 48-year-old now has a job inspecting vehicles at the port. he had been laid off for 9 months. he's helping to recruit new more workers. >> hiring then? >> yeah left and right. >> several miles away the chambers of commerce hosted an economic summit saying they're foc
Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
was a small dark sedan, possibly a honda. they say the force of the impact caused some damage. and even a piece of evidence was left behind. >> it did leave the right-hand side exterior passenger mirror on the scene after it struck her. >> reporter: neighbors say this narrow stretch of carol avenue can be hazardous. many drivers ignore the speed limit we're told, even with a school just across the street. >> i've seen the crossing guard almost get hit trying to cross the kids to school. so people don't go by the speed limit. >> it's a busy street. >> yes. >> you have to actually make sure you see what's coming. make sure you are out of harm's way before you get into your vehicle. >> reporter: family members were too upset to speak to us on camera tonight. but they did want to you see daniela's face. as they pray she somehow recovers, they also want the hit and run driver who put her in the hospital found. >> there is also the possibility that the driver of the vehicle and it's a possibility opal, could have been intoxicated and may not realize they hit anything at all. in y county.
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
roses parade is changing its name as part of a sponsorship deal with american honda, the precession through pasadena on january 1st will be known as the 122nd rose parade presented by honda. the parade will have a new logo as well incorporating the honda brand. the president notes the parade has worked with honda for five years. >>> mark's here with supports. it didn't take long after the 9ers game yesterday to have something done. >> yeah, something had to be done. the 49ers are badly underperforming. something needed to be done. they were outplayed, outcoached, maybe more importantly in kansas city. although the dreadful 0-3 start has his own job in jeopardy, singletary claims it was his decision to fire jimmy ray replacing him with a man called a visionary, another assistant, mike johnson. >> sometimes you can look at it in a different way and you are looking for some thing specific and it's really something to put your finger on it but you see it. it's hard to describe but it's there. >> he seems like he's a creative guy. he seemed like he will take chances, a lot of chances and
Sep 14, 2010 11:30pm PDT
up on the bay area came back. >> thank you very much to honda. >> reporter: this newly renovated wear house became home today to honda's new distribution center. 10,000 new honda vehicles are in the port waiting to get shipped to dealers all over the country. >> it means we have $100 million of revenue over the next 25 years. >> reporter: in the 1970s, honda operated out of this port but closed up shop in the 1990 and shifted operations to san diego. now the auto maker says it will save money by returning to richmond. >> in the past we would truck those vehicles from san diego to hear. we've eliminated $1.5 million truck miles that's not going up the california highways. >> reporter: honda also says it has already provided 200 new jobs. >> it's a big deal for me. >> reporter: how come? >> it helps pay for my mortgage and my truck. >> reporter: 48-year-old michael rant now has a job inspecting honda vehicles at the port. he had been laid off for nine months. lance is helping to recruit more workers. >> reporter: they're still hiring. >> we're looking for people left and right. >>
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am PDT
of a honda. by the time it was all over, there were a dozen damaged cars. >> i was sitting at the red light and i saw this dump truck come zooming down the ramp and i said to myself, is he going to stop?? he bammed into the honda, the honda bammed into the back of me and then the honda hit the turn another way and hit the bmw and the bmw hit the side of my door and then all these cars just started banging each other. >> five people were hurt. no one seriously injured, though. the truck driver not expected to be cited. >>> the only surviving person connected to a series of bay area murders is now out of jail. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse was freed in solano county yesterday evening on $25,000 bail. the bodies of rittenhouse's wife and her friend were found at his vallejo home last week after he reported his wife missing. rittenhouse's bail was reduced yesterday just hours before he was released. originally, it had been set at $2 million. >> the $2 million was based upon the declaration of the officers indicating they were investigating his possible involvement in a homicide. we
Sep 9, 2010 12:30am PDT
left of a honda. the impact was so strong. this truck's breaks failed while hauling dirt, causing the driver to lose control and smash into the honda. in all, 13 cars were damaged. some totaled. the driver, he says she is glad everyone survived. >> i was happy. i hope i can get ahead of the people i got hurt to say sorry, something, anything. i didn't do it on purpose. i did everything i could to slow the truck down. it just would not stop. >> reporter: his van only had minor damage. he works for a casket company. >> i smelt like rubber, like skid, consistent rubber and burning, it was like, what, you could hear all this impact, boom boom boom boom. >> 5 people suffered minor injuries, no one was seriously hurt. investigators don't believe the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs that time. the driver will also not be sited. in oakland, reggie, 123-4679. >>> new information tonight about the multiple murders, the husband of one of the victims posted bail tonight after making an appearance in court today. as dan explains, they found the explosive materials after the
Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm PDT
night shortly after 10:30. the young men were in a honda. police are saying a toyota crashed into the passenger side of their car. it's unclear how the cars ended up perpendicular before impact, whether the honda was turning or which driver was at fault. >> a good kid. very loving, and dependable, and helpful. he love everybody. sad thing can happen to a person like this. >> he is too young. he is only 19. >> reporter: that was an aunt. three people in the other car were seriously hurt. a mother, a father, and a daughter in the back seat, believed to be 13 years old. they're at san francisco general hospital. it's unknown if the victims were wearing seatbelts or the speed involved. autopsy and toxicology tests will be done on the victims. this stretch has a speed limit of 40-miles-an-hour. a resident says cars go flying bay her all the time so police are planning stepped up enforcement to check out traffic pattern, and in the past half hour, san francisco police officers have been pulling over drivers left and right on this stretch of lake merced boulevard. >> alan: it is day three fo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 336 (some duplicates have been removed)